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I will begin my new (temporary) life in Rome, Italy.  After all my years of scheming and dreaming about how I was going to get myself to Europe, it seems this dream is almost a reality.  At this point, it still doesn’t seem real and knowing me, I probably won’t really believe it until I am on the plane!

Some stress factors:

1.  Still do not have plane ticket purchased (why do I always wait until last-minute to do everything?)

2.  I have yet to be told my housing assignment – I will be living with a family during the three months I am studying.  I am hoping for a sweet old lady who will teach me how to cook and treat me like her long-lost American daughter.  When I filled out the housing assignment form, I did request to NOT have to live with children, so we will see how that goes.

3.  My Italian is still very rudimentary, so I have been practicing phrases like:

“Non capisco” – I don’t understand

“Potrebbe ripetere per favore” – Can you say it again?

“Potrebbe parlare lentamente” – Can you speak slowly?

“Il mio italiano è orribile!”  – My Italian is bad!

4.  My fourth concern is just getting around Roma in general.  I have been studying maps of the public transportation system and after i find out my housing assignment, knowing me, I will probably go onto google maps and try to figure out everything in advance.  There is nothing wrong with being over prepared!