Tomorrow is my last day at home, which means I will be frantically running around buying things like shampoo and trying to pack everything into my new suitcases (which after much thought, I finally bought today!

I have found out the information of the family I will be living with: Maria Pia and her two daughters who are 19 and 16.  Maria is a high school teacher who teaches Latin, Italian, and History.  They also have a dog named Pongo.  The family lives about 10 blocks from the Colosseum and in close proximity to many churches that I have become familiar with in my classes.

My flight to Fiumicino, Rome will leave from JFK, New York next Thursday.  Thank God, it is a direct flight and I will land at noon the next day.

As of right now, I am very anxious: about packing, about saying goodbye, about my Italian skills, about missing my boyfriend, friends, and family (not including my brothers-14 &15 who made it very easy to say goodbye after a particularly unpleasant dinner!).  I am hoping that I will love my Italian family and that they will love me.  Keeping my fingers crossed for my own bathroom – just kidding.