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So being that today I am half done with my study abroad trip, I feel that I can now begin to explain the things I hate and love about Roma…  I decided to do eight and eight (my favorite number).

Will not miss:

1. Being “surprised” every time I enter a public bathroom and discover not only is there no toilet seat, but there also is no toilet paper.


Stop taking toilet seats for granted! This is one of the nicest bathrooms in Rome.


2. Optional use of deodorant by 50% of the male population.  Packed metro cars at the end of the day (and the middle of the night, for that matter) means that the air is filled with the most awful, inescapable, acidic odor I have ever experienced.  The bums in chicago (and any US city for that matter) are put to SHAME!


One of the trains...


3. How its almost impossible to find food after 2 am.

4.  Paying for water at restaurants. And forget about having it on ice!

5.  Dancing (in public) is confined only to discotecas….  which are only open on Saturday nights from 11PM to 4AM.  These places are filled with leering men who assume that because you are there, there is a pretty good chance you would be willing to go home with them.

6.  The difficulties involved with getting yourself home if you choose to stay out past 11:30 PM.


...one of my friends waiting for the bus


7.  Lack of Mexican food

8.  Cobblestone.

Things I love about Italy:

1. The piazzas and how everyone spends time outside in public in the piazzas with their friends.


Spanish Steps, 7PM



Piazza Navona, 11PM



Trastevere, 2AM

Trastevere, 2AM



2.  The most delicious bruchetta ever.

3.  Gelato shops on every single street.

4.  Not having to tip at restaurants.


Dinner with part of the group (No reservation so we had to sit in the basement!)


5.  Long walks through the city late at night which allow you to see all the streets, monuments, and fountains when they are not crowded by tourists.

Trevi Fountain, 3AM

6.  Sitting outside is always an option when going to a bar or a cafe.

7.  Italians dress themselves so well, I cant help but be filled with envy when walking down the streets.

8. The sound of cars driving on cobblestone.