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One of the most delicious dishes that I tried in Italy was made by my host family.  Risotto con cime di rape is Risotto with “turnip tops.”  I am going to attempt to make it this Christmas for my own family with a recipe I found on the internet.  However to find the recipe I needed to find out how to say “turnip tops” in Italian first…. for any of you who may have tried to translate food terms into another language, the literal translation is not always (or usually) the best one.  I am going to link to a website that translates names of Italian dishes and ingredients into English, French, Spanish and German.


Also just a fyi… the page is in Italian so if you need some help getting into the right section, here are the translations:

Antipasti: Appetizers

Primi: First Course (Including Soups, Pasta, Rice, etc)

Verdure: Vegetables

Preparazione: Preparation (link is broken)

Carni: Meat

Pesci: Fish

Salse: Sauces

Uova: Eggs

Salumi: Cold Cuts

Formaggi: Cheese

Dolci: Sweets

Frutta: Fruit

Burri e Salse: Butter & Sauces

Erbe, Spezie e Aromi: Herbs & Spices

Altri Ingredienti: Other Ingredients

Bevande: Drinks

Another very useful tool when translating recipes is a conversion calculator.  This conversion calculator converts from grams to volume, which is much more helpful than from grams to ounces: