I am taking a class right now called “Critical Thinking” and one of the main topics we have been discussing in the past several classes is technology and the effects it has on our lives.  Although I feel that my professor is a little over the top sometimes and most of the readings we are given are completely one sided (against technology), she does make some really good points.

Facebook is a technology that I have somehow become addicted to.  its on my phone so I can look at it whenever I want, and sometimes I find myself typing http://www.face… without even thinking!  So enough is enough!  I am taking a break for one month as of about 7PM last night.  So far, I don’t miss it.  I had my roommate change my password so I wouldn’t be tempted to try to look.  Although now that I think of it, its scary that the only person who has the password to so much person information that I have collected over the past 6 years is the person who occasionally has screaming matches with me about the proper storage of food (I have no problem putting lids on pots and pans and putting them right into the fridge, Jacob on the other hand, LOVES Tupperware, and feels it should be used whenever possible. )

I dont consider myself to have an addictive personality, but I have become addicted to technology, especially my phone and Facebook.  I wish I could turn off my phone for a month, but at this point, it seems a little unlikely – although I have had it on silent for the past 5 days, but that really doesn’t count since I look at it every 15 minutes.

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, and I’m giving it an extra week, so we will see how it goes!