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I need to stop using the words “I will NEVER…” because it seems I always end up jinxing myself into doing that exact thing within a matter of days.  So….  I joined Twitter.  The official reason is that I “want to learn how to use it better for the purpose of using it at work,” and the unofficial reason is that I just got really curious about this world of chatter that everyone is always wrapped up in.

So now I have another application on my phone to consume a little more of the precious waking hours of my days, but in all honesty, I really am still confused how to use it.  There is a specific kind of language used on twitter, and signs and symbols that make decoding what is actually being said a little like translating something from another language.  but if you would like to “follow me” I’m @MJElizabeth

Yesterday I met up with my friend Kelli (who I went to Rome with), for coffee.  She introduced me to a wonderful cafe that is only a couple blocks from where I work called LavAzza.  It was like being transported back to Roma!  The display case was filled with paninis, quiches, and other delicious foods that strangely made me miss the days that I complained about them.  I ordered a spinach quiche and a grande iced chai (while laughing at the option of being able to chose the size “grandisimo!”)

Kelli and I sat and chatted about school, jobs, interviewing, and reminisced about Italy but the experience was over far too soon.  If you are in the Chicago Loop area and craving an authentic (relatively) Italian experience, I would highly recommend LavAzza (111 W Jackson Blvd.), after all it is “Italy’s Favorite Coffee.”

As everyone who has any kind of phone, internet, radio, or television knows,  William and Kate got married last week.  I seriously must have something emotionally wrong with me for how much crying I did when I watched the Lifetime movie, saw the pictures, read the stories and watched the wedding footage.  It is a beautiful story, and although I usually do not get wrapped up in celebrity affairs, I hope the best for them!