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Recently all I have been thinking and dreaming about are effective websites, clickthrough rates and impressions (which I still don’t completely understand), and how to effectively communicate with the technologies that are available to “Generation Y,” (apparently I fall under that category).  The conversations I have been a part of at work, my internship, and in class have got me really excited about (my) life and about reaching out to people to make meaningful collections, and ultimately raise awareness.

Since I have never been “Miss School Spirit,” it feels a little strange to be involved in spending time thinking of ways to coerce other people to join the organizations that i am involved in, but it is actually suits me well.

Despite all of this, I still have a bad attitude 50% of the day, especially during rush hour when I am packed on to a bus/train/sidewalk with hundreds of other people all rushing as fast as possible in the same direction, oblivious to their surroundings because they are on their damn phones using the social networking sites I have spent all night/day thinking about.  Its a tangeled web we weave…  and by the way, I’m ususally on my phone doing the exact same thing.

In other news: Yesterday I got caught in the thunderstorm, which ended with me looking like I jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed and on Tuesday I went with friends to a really great Peruvian restaurant: Machu Picchu, which I would definitely recommend.  We ordered several dishes and shared, but I maintain that my favorite peruvian dish is Papa Rellena, which is deep friend mashed potates with beef and olives inside.  The fried Yuca was also really good.  Last year we went to Ay Ay Picante, which I would give a slightly higher rating because they made pitchers of Pisco Sours for free (BYOB at both places, but at Machu Pichu we were charged $10 per picther).

A Pisco Sour is a Peruvian cocktail that uses Pisco (a Peruvian grape brandy), sugar, lime juice, egg whites, and cinnamon.  Best when served slightly frozen!