I used to be a “night owl.”  Since starting college(/getting old…) I have no problem going to bed at 10:30 on weeknights, and depending on what mood I wake up in, I don’t mind the mornings.

The house has a calmness about it in the morning… only disrupted by the incessant chirping of the birds.  The kitty takes up post by the window so she can listen and use her special bird meow to try to lure them into the house…. so far, little success.

Despite the fact we never ate breakfast in my house growing up… except on special occasions or when we went to grandma’s, I have been trying to change my ways and have a bite to eat every morning.  Thanks to countless testimonies that its “good for you!” I am now 75% sure it is… so I tempt my appetite with fresh fruit and Nutella.

So that was my little love song to mornings, Buon giorno!