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Birthday astrology is very interesting to me, although I remain somewhat skeptical of it.  The idea that personalities and character traits have already been determined (by the stars), could be easily disproved by citing one example of a person who just does not fit the profile, however, I find astrology to be a good tool for self reflection.

Astrology is all over the place: in magazines, newspapers, on the internet, in books; and since it was not consistently written by one source, the “predictions” can sometimes be conflicting.  I read my horoscope (almost) every day, but rather than thinking of it as a prediction or warning, I think of it as a way to reflect on my relationships and the decisions that I will make that day.  For consistency, I stick to reading my horoscope on Yahoo.

A friend of mine shares my curiosity for astrology and shared this article with me today: Careers by the Numbers: Using Numerology to Find a Job.  I was shocked to see that my number was 4, which said I should consider a job in the Building Trades or as Mechanic, Accountant, Software Designer, Banker, or Executive.  I would not have expected this at all, but the explanation for why made perfect sense: people who are number 4’s love structure and order and crave this kind of environment for their work.  Definitely true of my work preferences.

Another great source for learning about your specific birthday or learning more about your astrological sign is How Stuff Works: Birthday Astrology page.  Yes, I was skeptical too until I spent (far too much) time reading the birthday descriptions for myself of all of my close friends and family members, which were eerily accurate.   To learn more about your birthday, see the Birthday Astrology article, click the link for your astrological sign, and then click on to your birthday.  You may be surprised!